HD readings by yasmin.

a one-on-one insightful & intentional Human Design reading alongside an in-depth report delivered by yasmin Marrero

when we are able to talk through and engage information with someone, we wake up to the insights that are waiting for us. it's the difference between listening to a podcast or reading a book alone vs talking about what you learned with someone. that is what this offering is all about.Human Design* (HD) is a holistic self-knowledge system with roots in modern science and ancient systems of understanding the natural world that i have been using for years with folks of all walks of life. my HD readings are about getting insight on something you are wrestling with or curious about in this present moment; something that matters to you.you provide me with your birth information and one question based on something you are looking for guidance and insight on right now in your life. you receive a report with a breakdown of major (& some specific) aspects of your design that you get to keep and move through forever. then after i have received your question, we have a one hour virtual session focused overarching themes in your report and the inquiry you provided. we talk into that awareness you need based on your design and my gifts to set you on the path of expansion.exchange cost: sliding scale of $160-240 based on privilege & access*

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